Learning Games

Learn fun tips for living to brighten your life.
A daily training game about practical and fun knowledge. Easy to use quiz-based gameplay. Take tests to see what you've learned. Track progress with graphs and charts.
  • Five main categories of knowledge (1000 questions / 200 per category)
  • Body – A healthy body is the foundation for a brighter life. Tips for your energetic lifestyle.
  • Modern Life – Advice and info on technology, investing, shopping, and other trappings of your modern life.
  • Social Life – Improve and expand your relationships by understanding communication, manners, and social cues.
  • Mind and Soul – Keep your inner-world healthy and vibrant through good mental housekeeping.
  • My World – Helpful knowledge about culture, personal safety, travel, and more.
  • Earn BrightPoints as you progress from a spark to a dazzling supernova and unlock skins and stamps

Prepare yourself by progressing through three stages of learning.
Build Knowledge, follow-up and prepare. How far from your dream university are you? Do you know what their SAT score requirement is? Do you know what your SAT score is? Study up and train your brain before the big exam with My SAT Coach with The Princeton Review and you will be able to target a higher SAT score!
  • Select and test your strength in each subsection of the SAT
  • Pinpoint and Strengthen your weaknesses with a Review System covering each answer
  • 2 exclusive Full SAT tests & 7 Mini-Game Drills
  • Train yourself in Mathematics, Vocabulary and Grammar to elude the tricks of the SAT
  • Learn helpful methods to better time management and stress reduction
  • Personal Follow-Up: Track your progress in quizzes and follow the recommendations to boost your strength and raise your weaknesses
  • The Real Expert: Methods are based on proven Princeton Review techniques, building your basic skill sets allowing you to focus your studying time more effectively.

Improve Your Vocabulary with My Word Coach!
Do you ever feel "at a loss for words"? My Word Coach offers a fun and challenging way to improve verbal skills through a series of engaging activities and exercises!
  • Detailed, visual word recognition to build awareness (Missing Letter, Block Letters, Pasta Letter)
  • Spelling-based games for communication proficiency (Word Popper, Competition)
  • As you play the training games and practice using new words, a bar will indicate that the number of words you have experienced in My Word Coach has increased.
  • The words you have practiced with and hopefully mastered will be the ones that determine your Expression Potential. As you progress in the game, the words you are required to master will become progressively more difficult.

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